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"Mélanie has a powerful voice that shifts the atmosphere. She has a tenacious spirit and goes after breakthrough until she gets it." 

- Rebekah Cummings - Artist

"A powerhouse voice that will not be silenced. Mélanie's praise is a weapon." 

- Andrew Miedema - Burn 24-7 Hamilton

"God is raising up an emerging generation of worshipers who lead with passion, poise, and power. Melanie Harvey is a leader in this upcoming movement. Her heart for Jesus, creative sound, and prophetic expression effortlessly lead others into deep encounters with God. This is a voice worth hearing time and time again.

- Sathiya Sam - Artist/Musician

Mélanie is a passionate worship leader and self-taught musician. She is a radical worshipper, full of life, which is evident in her music and personal life. Her heart is to truly see people encounter God and know the goodness of His Presence. Seeing people set free, broken hearts mended, lives transformed and people simply experiencing the unfailing love of Jesus!



Tehillah Melody

The definition of the Hebrew word "tehillah" means to sing, to praise. It is known to be the highest form of praise one can give to God. A new song,  flowing freely and spontaneously from the core of your very being. Unprepared. Unrehearsed. Risking it all. Simply bringing all that is deep within to Him. This very form of praise brings monumental unity to the body of Christ. It is the praise that God inhabits. The place where He shows up beyond our wildest of imagination. The place where He is exalted and enthroned upon. Tehillah is about the manifested presence of God through His Spirit in you and me. 

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